Monday, April 06, 2009

I want to make one of these puppets

My brother sent me a link to his youtube video. It was found on psiagarik's Channel.

My favorite part is the bit about the man's feet, the character seems so alive. I want to learn how to bring a puppet like this to life. From design to performance.

I have a few resources for the construction of this type of puppet but, if anyone out there has any good links to information on the construction of table top puppets, please leave a comment. I'll post it here on Puppet Builder.

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  1. Wow!
    I just stumbled onto your site for the first time.

    I like this video a lot.

    Tabletop puppets are probably my favorite type to build. They are so simple.
    The only "complex" piece of mechanic on this guy is the heck, which is probably just a glorified hole high on the torso piece, hosting a dowel which is glued to the head. A fatter handle is added for extra handling control. Everything else is just a basic body which doesn't bend backward, has proper stuffing, and convincing costume. The rest is all about puppeteering. These puppets have no complexities, everything is supplied outside their body, by the puppeteer(s), hence the need for real focus and teamwork.