Friday, July 14, 2006

Outstanding Instruction...

Click here to buyI am not going to be able to say enough about this instructional video. It's outstanding. Dave walks the viewer through every step. Sections on the DVD include:

  • Tools You'll Need
  • Start With The Art
  • Creating The Sculpt
  • How To Cut Foam
  • Back To The Sculpt
  • Making & Cutting Seams
  • What Size Puppet?
  • Transferring The Pattern To Paper
  • Scaling Up The Patterns
  • Prototyping The Puppet
  • How To Glue Foam
  • Back To The Puppet

Dave covers it all, and then some. The section on the proper way to glue foam is something everyone should see. I can't wait to create my own puppet pattern from my own design.

This video is worth every penny. Go here to get your copy.

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