Friday, June 23, 2006

I'd like to thank the judges...

Sock Search - The Glorified Sock Puppet Contest - Top 10 Finalists Click here
The top 10 finalists are finally in!! My entry Snoop Otter Otter made the top 10!!!!

Snoop Otter Otter Click here for more photosNo matter if I win or lose, I'd like to thank the judges for including Snoop in the top 10. To me that honor itself means I won. Snoop is the third puppet that I've built. I have 8 more started. I am so hooked on puppet building... This would be a good place to thank my wife for putting up with me. :) Thanks Cyn!

Good luck everyone! May the best puppet win!!

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  1. I really like it.I'd like to see some of your other puppets too.