Monday, May 22, 2006

Hot off the press...

Click here to order your copy today! My copy of Puppet Planet has finally arrived! If you like Puppet Mania you'll love this book. John has added some nice features to this book, like "Insider's Guides" to tools, materials and techniques.

With 12 new puppets John provides us with come unique new characters. My favorite is the Stuffed Strongman, a soft sculptured Bunaku style puppet.

John also adds a "field guide" to each of the puppets, suggesting ways to perform them. Another favorite is the Monkey Mitten. This is a hand puppet with a latex face and hands. He shows a pretty simple way to make a pretty effective latex puppet. With each puppet John also shows us other example puppets he has made using the same technique.

Thank you John, for another great puppet building resource. Click on the image to order your copy.

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